Guilt Can Be a Heavy Burden

Wake Up Sleepy Head



Psychotic Opera


What’s in the Box?

Benny Boy

The List

The Petrol Station

The Tail Light

The Message

The Knife

The Confession

The Farm

The Cost

Those Bold Bushrangers

The Battle of Jugiong

Don’t You Shoot My Father

The Legend of Ben Hall

To Hell With Bushranging

Finding Henry

Christina McKinnon

I Shot a Man

Father & Son

Billy Dargin

True Vision


Stereotypes Are Not Always Right

Green and Gold

Sensitive to Light

Snowy White Hair

Alfie’s Theme

A Paralympic Record

Please, Kate

You’re Savage


I’m Happy For You

This Time It’s Different


I Could Be Anything Yet Here I Am

Paranoia Reprise

We Are the Cycle

Evil Prevails When Good People Do Nothing

We Failed the Whales

We Are Real

One of Ours

Trouble With Ice

We’ll Stand Our Ground

Whale Wars

His Time Has Come

Silent Sea, Silent Land