Ronnie’s Original Score for Critically Acclaimed Revenge-Thriller ‘The Cost’


Ronnie’s original score for Matthew Holmes’ critically acclaimed, award-winning revenge-thriller 

‘The Cost’ is out now. Available on Spotify, Apple Music etc. More info will be available soon.

‘Heart of the Man’ Coming-of-Age Boxing Feature - Score Release March 6


Ronnie recently scored coming-of-age boxing feature ‘Heart of the Man’ which will be released very soon. Find more information about the film on IF Film Magazine and Film Ink.

Ronnie’s original score will be released through Esperanto Records on March 6. You can watch the trailer for the film below.

‘Ominous’ Album Out February 14, New Film ‘Kane’ Available in Australia


Ronnie’s ‘Ominous - A Film Music Collection’ album, which focusses more on his horror & thriller work, will be released Feb 14. The album features pieces from Spanish thriller ’Borderline’, videos of which accumulated almost 30 million streams & plays on Youtube and social media. Also featured are pieces from U.S. zombie horror ‘Among the Dead’, psychological thrillers ‘The Full Walrus’, ‘Star Eater’, eerie drama ‘The Decision’ and horror comedy ‘Through the Haze.’

‘Kane’ is now available on digital in Australia, to be released on DVD through Umbrella Entertainment on February 7. The film is available in the U.S. and Canada on digital/on-demand through Saban Films. Several pieces of the score are included on Ronnie’s new ‘A Film Music Collection Part One’ release which is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc.

‘A Film Music Collection Part One’ is Out Now in All Stores


Ronnie has several feature films to be released soon, with all the scores to be published on his own label Esperanto Records. Ronnie has put together a collection of pieces from his latest scores including Western epic ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’, Saban Films distributed gangster film ‘Kane’, #1 Amazon thriller ‘Complete Strangers’, the inspiring ‘True Vision’, award-winning revenge-thriller ‘The Cost’ and

Sea Shepherd’s epic docu-feature ‘Defend, Conserve, Protect’ featuring Dan Aykroyd.

‘A Film Music Collection Part One’ is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Ronnie Scored Humdrum Comedy’s ‘Strange Creatures’ by Henry Boffin


Ronnie scored Humdrum Comedy’s upcoming feature dramedy ‘Strange Creatures’ starring Johnny Carr (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Five Bedrooms) and Riley Nottingham (Metro Sexual). The film is Ronnie’s second collaboration with director Henry Boffin and will be released in 2024. The original score will be released on Esperanto Records.

Find more information about the film on IF Magazine - FilmInk - Screen Australia

Kane to be released in Australia Feb 7, now available in the U.S.


‘Kane’ will be released February 7 in Australia through Umbrella Entertainment. The film is now available in the U.S. via Saban Films. Watch the Australian trailer for the film below.

Ronnie’s score is available on iTunes and all streaming platforms, with kind support by and

Film Music Collection and ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’ on SBS on Demand


Ronnie is releasing A Film Music Collection Part One on January 5 and the album-compilation features various pieces from his recent scores including Western-Epic ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’, Sea Shepherd’s award-winning ‘Defend, Conserve, Protect’, #1 Amazon thriller ‘Complete Strangers’, the inspiring ‘True Vision’, and several pieces from his latest scores for gangster film ‘Kane’ (Now available in the U.S. via Saban Films) and Matthew Holmes’ award-winning revenge drama ‘The Cost’, which is now available in Australia through Madman Entertainment.

Matthew Holmes’ ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’ is now also available on SBS on Demand in Australia. The film is available worldwide on DVD, Blu Ray and digital.

’Kane’ to be released November 10 through Saban Films


Gritty and brutal gangster-film ‘Kane’ Ronnie scored will be released on November 10 in U.S. Cinemas, on digital and on-demand through Saban Films. The film will be released in Australia through Umbrella Entertainment. The Original Soundtrack will also be released on November 10.

Soundtracks for ‘The Cost’ and ‘Kane’ Feature Films


Ronnie’s score for Matthew Holmes’ award-winning revenge-thriller ‘The Cost’ will be released on October 18. The film is coming to Australian cinemas starting October 5 and will also be available via Madman Entertainment on Blu-Ray, DVD and streaming services on October 18. More info about the release in the U.S. and more countries will be available soon. The soundtrack is now available to pre-order on iTunes, Amazon etc. 

Ronnie’s original score for brutal gangster-film ‘Kane’ starring Jeremy Taylor (The Dry), Clayton Watson (Matrix Revolutions) and Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) will be released November 10.

Award-Winning 'The Cost' to Be Released October 18th


Ronnie’s second feature collaboration with ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’ director Matthew Holmes, ‘The Cost’, will be released on October 18th. Watch the official trailer below.